Friday is veggie box day!

On Fridays, I have an organic veg box delivered;it always quite exciting finding it on the doorstep and having a rummage through to see what’s arrived. Today I have carrots, potatoes, onions, purple sprouting broccoli, purple cauliflower, celeriac and salad leaves.
I started getting this after I found I had a cancer; it helps me to [...]

Radiotherapy update

Almost three weeks since finishing radiotherapy. The area under my arm that had gone brown has now peeled to reveal very pink skin, about 1cm by 3cm. Still looking speckled across my chest but not itchy any more. Energy levels have stayed fairly constant and went in to work for about 5 hours today.
Thought I’d [...]

Radiotherapy - what it’s like

So, after signing the consent form and having the simulation done, then it’s the real thing. I opted for 15 sessions over three weeks; I was given the choice of a lower dose over 5 weeks but was told the two regimes would be equally effective. Each radiotherapy appointment lasted 10 minutes. In that time, [...]

Radiotherapy - recovering

Well, hopefully I am past the worst, at least as far as short term effects on my skin are concerned. My skin first went speckled, and is now red, and one area is itchy. Under my arm I have a brown mark where my bra rubbed - looks nasty but can’t feel anything - maybe [...]

Radiotherapy - the simulation stage

Woke up at 6:30 today to a very loud spring chorus; the daffodils are growing and spring is on its way.
Completed emptying my son’s room ready for decorating - that’s a good job done, can move onto the next stage of sanding and filling, and removing the wallpaper.
Thought I’d do another little piece on radiotherapy [...]

Radiotherapy - preparing

I’ve decided to talk about the treatments I’ve had over the next few weeks; after all, the clock is ticking and I want to make sure I get anything that might generate useful discussion out there fairly soon.
So, radiotherapy… From what I read, it sounded like using cream on the affected area was the thing [...]

Today, getting over radiotherapy

Today we re-discovered my son’s baby photos. We were cleaning out his room ready for decorating. It is a while since he saw the photos and it was really good to share memories with him. He was really interested in how small he was, what toys he had and what his bedroom looked like in [...]

In the beginning…

When my husband and I first found out the seriousness of my situation, our first thoughts were for our son – how to tell him, what to tell him, how to support him. We didn’t know where to look for help. We went to two cancer charities that offered counselling, but found they weren’t able [...]

Megan’s First Post

Welcome. This is my first blog so please bear with me.
My aim is to help anyone in a similar situation to me – sharing experiences and anything useful learnt along the way.
I have been living with cancer for the last 18 months; in that time I have had surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment.
You may [...]