I’m sprouting…

my broccoli seeds! Little shoots are now appearing. Now I have to figure out how you tell when they are ready to eat. Its been very straightforward getting to this stage, and satisfying watching the seeds grow so fast.
I went to a Chi Kung class today for the first time. Its along similar lines to [...]

Swimming after radiotherapy

Went for my first swim since radiotherapy - went early in the morning and the sun was shining and making the trees outside look really attractive. Did 40 lengths so very proud of myself, though I did then come home and have a snooze. Timing was good, as I had my portacath flush last week, [...]

Been to the oncologist. I’m happy.

The waiting is over. I’ve had my appointment. Talked about the medication. To check whether to continue with bondronat, going to do a urine test, coupled with a blood test. Been having the bondronat tablets for about a year. Continuing with tamoxifen. May change the goserelin injections to be monthly rather than 3 monthly as [...]

Sprouting seeds - my first attempt

Dr Gillian McKeith is particularly keen on the nutritional benefits of sprouting seeds in her books, so I thought I’d give it a go. I bought a special jar, made by bioSnacky and some broccoli seeds. I’m not keen on pulses, and was pleasantly suprised when I found you could sprout other things like broccoli [...]

Groin examination and biopsy

After the lumpectomy results, I was sent for a CT scan. This indicated possible issues with my lungs and groin. I had a groin examination. This involved feeling for lumps in the groin area.
I was sent for a groin biopsy. This involved changing into a hospital gown. A local anaesthetic was injected in the groin [...]

Autumn 2008: The cancer returns, lumpectomy

I had the mastectomy in April 2008. All seemed fine initially. There was an area of skin about six inches down from my shoulder that was slightly pink. Then, as I was undressing one night, this area caught the light and I could see a small bump, smaller than a pea. It was quite [...]

Chemo - scan after 6 cycles, 2007

I was sent for a PET CT scan. This was the second time round and I was in a better frame of mind. It was a week before I got the results. I tried to control my anxiety, but it did eat away at me. I was expecting a result that showed some slight change [...]

Having chemo - epirubicin, Autumn 2007

My hormones were all over the place. I was very stressed, and the chemo was overlaid on top of this. The expectation was that I would feel rough for the first few days after having chemo and then things would pick up. What happened was that I felt fine for the first few days and then [...]

Starting chemo - Autumn 2007

Before starting chemo, I had a fitting for a wig. Then, if there were any delays getting the wig, I would have some time in hand. Also, I was seen whilst I still had hair, so the fitter could see what I looked like, and also before the chemo took its toll while I still [...]

First meeting with the oncologist

At the meeting with the oncologist, we ran through my medical history and then I had an examination. I was also asked:

when did my periods start (answer - 14)

how long had I been on the pill (answer - on and off since my twenties)

did I smoke (answer - never)

how much alcohol did I drink (answer - nothing)

At [...]