Name that plant….is it hedge woundwort?

Saw this growing on its own, amongst some nettles. It was over a metre tall, and a striking pink colour. I’ve tried looking it up in my wild flower book, but there seem to be quite a few candidates:common hemp nettle, hedge woundwort, marsh woundwort. Think hedge woundwort is the strongest contender. Maybe someone will [...]

My wheatgrass experience

The wheatgrass sprouted and I decided it was time to harvest it. It grew as a big clump – maybe it would do better on the trays rather than the jamjar. Taste is mild, just slightly sweet. I’ve put some in the fridge to see how well it lasts.
wikipedia entry for wheatgrass states that [...]


Chemo line flush (portacath) done - needles back in stock (unlike last week). Did the urine sample, to be sent off with blood sample; this is sent off for testing and should give an indication of whether I need to continue with bondronat. Managed to fit in a couple of swims this week, but will [...]


Been pottering today. Started off with a swim. Did some gardening - the courgette is showing signs of flowers. Then went for a walk and saw these foxgloves. Lots of painted lady butterflies on one stretch of path - they rested on the path and then flew up as soon as I got close. [...]

Painted lady

Went on a bike ride and along one stretch we were almost bombarded by butterflies, there were so many. There was a group of five fluttering about, and lots on the gravel path that flew up as we approached. I kept trying to get a picture, and this one is not brilliant but good enough [...]

Shiitake mushrooms started

Set up the shiitake kit. This involved piercing the polythene bag containing a soft wood block, and leaving it for 2 or 3 weeks.
Tied some of the grapevine shoots on to a support. The wheatgrass is starting to sprout.

Snail goes walkabout

Been cutting the grass and tidying up the garden. Tried to use the watering can and found this snail blocking up the spout. Growing some more sprouting seeds: wheatgrass, rocket, mustard and beet - I’ve mixed them up - have to find out whether that was a good idea or not. The instructions [...]

Green leaves in the veggie-box

Its Friday, and in the box this week we have: pak choi, broad bean tops, lettuce, spring greens, chard, potatoes, carrots, onions, wet garlic. Lots of green leaves. Managed to get out for a walk this evening. No butterflies today. Weather is very pleasant at the moment. Had my latest batch of sprouting [...]


Went for a walk this afternoon – saw quite a few butterflies; some cornflower blue, emerald green, brown and some white ones. I was hoping to see some ducklings, but no luck yet.
Think these are what I saw:
Green Hairstreak
Common Blue – maybe – but it was more of a cornflower blue than this photo; [...]

Grow-my-own mushrooms

Went to have my portacath line flush, but found they were out of the special needles. Going back in a week’s time, and got to do test to see whether to continue with the bondronat. This involves sending off a urine sample and a blood sample together. I was hoping they would collect the blood [...]