Hot and sticky

…so went for a walk. Managed to get a photo of a gatekeeper butterfly, which I’ve put on the lifestyle page. Also saw another very beautiful butterfly - it was large and orange with black spots. It swooped over me, and landed briefly and just as I caught up with it, it swooped off again. [...]

Affected by IBC?

I am reflecting that I may be approaching the median life expectancy for my type of cancer (depending on where you get your statistics). My thoughts are with women and families affected by inflammatory breast cancer, and my heart goes out to them.
Any IBC sisters out there, I wish you courage.

Reflection…two years

A time for reflection. Two years ago, I found a lump in my breast. It changed everything.
 I am a very different person now; all my priorities have changed, there are no expectations of having a future, so anything I want to do has to be done in the short term.  My career came to [...]

Cinnabar Moth

cinnabar moth

Managed to get close enough to identify this - what a beautiful creature. I’m wondering whether the pink butterfly/moth I saw the other day might have been this - it does look pinker when its flying, in my opinion.
I also saw many meadow brown butterflies, and some huge dragnflies. I feel amazed at this [...]

Update on shiitake mushrooms

After leaving the mushroom block for a few weeks, I then soaked it in water for a couple of days. Then I placed it back in its box with a couple of centimetres of water. Then something amazing happened - two mushrooms started to grow. They are growing so fast, I can hardly believe it. [...]

Blue-tailed damselfly

I was walking by the river and suddenly dainty clouds of damselflies lifted up from the reeds. They were a beautiful electric blue. There were plenty resting on the reeds, but they flew as soon as I got close. With a bit of patience I got a couple of pictures; they were fascinating to watch. [...]

Butterflies galore!

Saw lots of different butterflies today!
The most exciting one was small and bright pink - the colour of a highlighter pen. I can’t see any butterflies or moths that match it and I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo. It was 2 -3 cm across, and quite fluttery in flight with no markings. I [...]

Megan’s wheels

I’m tempted to use the joke about my wheels coming off, but maybe that’s too corny. All the tyres on my car had to be replaced. Oh, and one of the windscreen wipers fell apart and needed replacing.Then there was a service and MOT. Then the road tax. Big financial ouch! The good news is [...]

Ducklings sighted!

My first sighting of ducklings today! Six ducklings were dutifully swimming along behind mother duck (a mallard) and disappeared into some reeds. It reminded me of a nursery rhyme I used to sing…five little ducks went swimming one day, over the hills and far away, mummy duck said quack-quack, quack-quack, and four little ducks came [...]

Spotted a speckled wood butterfly

Went for a swim this morning – really needed to stretch my shoulder and feel much better for it. I’ve been really active; after the swim I did the supermarket shop, then went for a cycle ride and came back and did some gardening (mowed the lawn). I suppose I’d better do some housework, get [...]