Packing for a summer holiday - ideas

I’ve been off on holiday to the sun - some things I packed worked really well…
I have to protect my arm and half of my chest area from the sun, up to my collar bone, partly because of radiotherapy, and partly because I have to protect the arm where  the lymph nodes were removed.

I took [...]

Homemade tropical fruit juice

A wonderful range of fruit is back in the shops, but I can’t get through it quick enough though I’m tempted by the special offers. So the juicer is back in action. I tried juicing half a pineapple, 1 mango and 2 kiwi fruit. Tasted ok, worked out at about a glass full.

New swimsuit for summer

Decided the current swimsuit is starting to look a little tired and discolouring a little – and to be honest it has had good use over the last 18 months. Found something I liked the look of on the amoena website, and it arrived really quickly. It fits and is quite a bright design, so [...]

Latest amoena magazine

The latest magazine has just come through. I do like how they use “real” women for the pictures. The main article relates to side effects experienced with tamoxifen – sad that some women have such a bad time with it, and also interesting that different brands seem to make a difference.

Been out in my posh frock

Had a wonderful night out – surprised my husband with my new dress (though he did ask the price and I did own up). Felt glamorous and elegant. Had a pleasant meal, good entertainment and then dancing. Feet were a bit sore by the end – I had a problem finding shoes that were comfortable [...]

Home grown strawberries

I waited for the first couple of strawberries to ripen, and then when I went to pick them they had disappeared. I suspect the birds had had them. So I put some protection round the strawberries and last night my son picked the first ones. He ate the biggest and said it tasted good.

Swine flu

Swine flu is spreading and it seems inevitable that we will get it, it’s just a matter of when. My GP said I would be a candidate for Tamiflu; however the oncologist said it wasn’t something to worry about and that it wouldn’t be necessary. It’s now 18 months since chemo, and 6 months since [...]

Been to the oncologist – feeling positive

My appointment with the oncologist has been on my mind, and its a relief to have it over. My next appointment is in 3 months which means I get the summer without medical appointments except for my chemo line flush. Yay! We talked about my medication, and I was examined. I am feeling well, and [...]

Medication adjusted

Went to the GP for my 3-monthly goserelin injection. Had a chat about coming off the Prozac, and am going to step down to having it alternate days to see how it feels. Also going to take a break from bondronat tablets (these are the ones where you have to stay upright for an [...]

Bought a glamorous evening dress!

I’ve got a smart evening do coming up. I’ve been looking forward to it and I’ve known about it for ages - I’ve been really hoping to stay well so that I can go. So, things are looking good. I’ve been browsing in shops for dresses, but not daring to try anything on or buy [...]