Shaggy Ink Cap

Been watching this grow in the lawn over the last couple of days. It changed quite rapidly each day. And then suddenly the top seemed to disintegrate and there was just a sad looking stem.

Other names are Lawyer’s Wig or Coprinus Comatus, if I’ve identified it correctly.

Considering surgery on ovaries (oophorectomy)

evening primrose

I was feeling that my response to zoladex is quite inconsistent - sometimes menstrual symtoms, sometimes menopausal symptoms and then nothing at all. I feel particularly concerned during the first week as the tumour sites in my liver and spine seem to flare up and become more uncomfortable. I am also mindful that the [...]

Go Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Having a Go Pink day at work - encouraging everyone to wear something pink in support of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Also involved in selling pink ribbon pins. They have produced some interesting leaflets on different aspects of Breast Cancer and which are on display.

Walk in the country

Went for a walk in the country last week, and came across dragonflies. There were some brown ones, and also some blue ones. Most of the flowers are gone, with holly berries now doing well. There are the occasional gorse bushes in flower, and michaelmas daisies. Saw a clouded yellow butterfly at the start of [...]

Monthly zoladex - reactions

The first week

Variety of minor symptoms. Vertebra where I had cancer started throbbing, and also had odd aches and pains in my liver under my ribs.

Second week

Body temperature starting to go up - starting to overheat after having a hot meal or hot drink. Skin becoming greasy, hair growth increased. Feeling a bit lethargic in [...]

Monthly zoladex started

Its been a little while since I added an entry…work commitments have stepped up a bit leaving me a bit tired. Today I had a monthly Zoladex (goserelin) injection into my stomach, rather than the 3-monthly that I’ve had before. Its slightly smaller, and the injection seemed a little easier; I still have an anaesthetic [...]

Had another check-up - still smiling

Been back for my 3-month check with the oncologist. Had a physical examination and there was nothing to cause concern. I don’t have to go back until the new year; I am so relieved. I’m looking in to having surgery on my ovaries, rather than the zoladex approach. My reaction to zoladex doesn’t seem very [...]