Op over

Back home again, feeling ok. A few more holes in me than I had expected - lights, camera, action as one nurse put it to me. A little tender but haven’t needed painkillers and feel able to day-to-day things like driving.
Got the shakes again when I came round from the anaesthetic, and low blood pressure [...]

Hospital bag packed

Feeling nervous; I know doing this is the right thing for me, just worried about going in to hospital, and dealing with the strangeness of it all. Bag has been packed for a few days - overnight stuff, medication, ipod and books. Last time I stayed in overnight I ran out of things to occupy [...]

There’s a butterfly in my kitchen

Just appeared, fluttering round the light one evening. Been putting flowers out for it. Still trying to work out what it is as it is quite yellow. Its been a nice distraction while waiting for my op.

Made a decision…

Decided to opt for the oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). The phrase salpingectomy is also cropping up - seems this is the removal of the Fallopian tubes. Hopefully should be done via keyhole surgery.
Had a pre-op assessment. Had blood taken, blood pressure check, nasal swab, urine test and was weighed. Also got my calves measured [...]