Wishing you a Happy New Year

So, it’s New Year’s Eve 2009. I’ve got my best dress out for a party tonight. I got a small jacket for Christmas, so I’ll put that on top. Now I need to find some shoes that match and that I can walk and dance in! I usually wear trousers so this may be a [...]

Boxing Day

Well, Christmas Day was really enjoyable and went smoothly. We opened the presents in our stockings at 5am, then went back to sleep for a while, and went down to open the presents under the tree a couple of hours later. I got a new dressing gown and slippers, a mushroom-growing kit and some clothes. [...]

Christmas approaching

The tree is in place, and decorated by my son. We add something new each year; we bought a tree decoration back from Paris, and I gave my son a glass decoration, and my husband a snowman decoration. I have been washing and ironing the white table linen. Some grocery shopping is done, more to [...]

Having antibiotics

Some of the stitches were looking a little red, so I showed the nurses when I had my chemo line flush, and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. They also took a swab, but the wound itself was quite dry so it probably won’t show much. The antibiotics are to be taken every 6 [...]