Cycling - first time this year

I canhardly believe this - in February I was limping, yesterday I was able to get out for a bike ride in the sun. The radiotherapy has really helped me get my mobility back. I have a small area where the skin is damaged, but it hasn’t been sore.
I saw 9 ducklings, two butterflies and [...]

General Election and breast cancer treatment

The campaigning for the general election has really started, with the first TV debate between the three main party leaders. The Labour party’s aspiration is that a woman should see a specialist within two weeks of initial diagnosis of cancer. The Conservatives say that the timing should depend on severity and are not commiting set [...]

Having a better day

Managed to get out in the garden for a little while; got some plant plugs for my caterpillers - planted them in to pots. Its been so rainy, and cold before that, so its really nice to potter round outside for a bit. Its still pretty damp so I’m not tempted to go far or [...]

Spring is here!

At last, a few days of sunshine. I hung out the washing for the first time this year. I saw my first butterfly of the year, a magnificent peacock butterfly. Everything has suddenly started growing in the garden. I have planted some wildflower seeds and also some lettuces and buddleias. The lawn will soon need [...]

Things going better…

Been for a review with the oncologist. Don’t need to go back for 2 months - this is better than expected - I thought it would be monthly. There will be another scan just before. The feeling is that I can now go back to swimming, cycling and walking. The aches and pains have subsided [...]

Blue badge for disabled parking

I don’t know whether the bone cancer is under control or not, so I’m starting to look at options if my mobility goes. Given that I have tumours in my spine and pelvis I need to be realistic. At work, I may be able to work on ground floor level or move rooms to where [...]