Had a CT scan

Been back for a scan. No eating after 8am. Actually, didn’t eat after the night before, and had my bondronat with water early in the morning. I had no appetite. Went to check in at midday, and then had to have sips of a yellow drink for an hour. They had to send for a [...]

First cuckoo

Went for a short cycle ride. Heard my first cuckoo of the year yesterday. Also saw a few butterflies including peacock butterflies.  My back is a bit better at the moment - I’m still trying curcumin and reishi. Next scan is coming up soon, so I’m nervous but still hopeful that things haven’t worsened.

Veggies doing well

Been for a walk through azaleas and rhododendrons. Some are blooming, some still in bud. It was quite chilly, not much sign of warm weather this year. I’m enjoying the results of my vegetable gardening - the growbags are working really well so far. I can have parsley and spinach whenever I want - no [...]

Chemo line flush done

Been to have my chemo line flush done. Everything worked first time - I am very fortunate that it is continuing to function so well. They have changed the furniture round - instead of a bed there is now a chair - like you get at the dentist. I’m not so keen on this. My chemo line [...]

Trying to grow vegetables

Last year I tried to grow vegetables, with limited success. The snails and slugs appreciated my efforts though! This year I’m trying a new approach. I saw some grow-bags on special offer, and couldn’t resist a bargain. I have set them up with a strawberry plant, some herbs, spinach, courgette and tomato. The plants are thriving [...]

Tropical butterflies

Went to see the butterflies at the Natural History Museum in London. They have a tent beside the museum. It is fairly small. I was meeting someone there, so I sat and watched. It was great to see people show their delight when they spotted a butterfly, or get excited when a butterfly landed on [...]