Some sunshine at last

It’s hard to believe the longest day, the summer solstice, has already been and gone. But we are getting some sunshine, maybe a bit hot and sticky at work, but some lovely times to be outdoors. The wild roses are blooming, and this one just looked so perfect.

Small skipper butterfly

Was out walking and saw a pair of these butterflies. Went home to check what they were. They were small and triangular, darting about in the sunshine. I think it is a small skipper butterfly.

My first courgette

My courgette plant has been great to watch as it has flourished. It tasted good too!

Scan results - stable

Got the scan results. Liver unchanged (not worse). Bones still healing. Other lymph area swelling  reduced. Going to stick with the curcumin and reishi; adding this to the bondronat and letrozole.
Enormous sense of relief to know where things stand. Can start thinking about having a summer holiday. Hopefully will ba able to sleep tonight.

Waiting for scan results

Half term is over, getting back into the school/work routine again. Enjoyed some good weather and a really pleasant evening & barbecue with my parents. They brought over some strawberries and some dark red roses, husband & son did the cooking, I felt relaxed.
Going to get scan results this week. Been unable to sleep, stay [...]