stage IV cancer survivor

I was reading an article in the Times on Saturday (from The New York Times News Service): “I’m a long-distance survivor” by Katherine Russell Rich. She has lived with stage four breast cancer for 17 years, and the article makes for interesting and uplifting reading. Found it on the New York Times site.

White butterflies

My white broccoli is getting quite a lot of interest from cabbage white butterflies, some large, some small. I looked under the leaves, and there are groups of bright yellow eggs, and also single green eggs. In some areas the eggs have just hatched and there were about 20 tiny caterpillers.
The yellow eggs belong to [...]

UK Butterfly Survey

Take part in the UK butterfly count and add your results. Record how many different butterflies you see in 15 minutes.

Prescription worries solved

I’ve been having problems getting both bondronat and letrozole - the pharmacist tells me there have been manufacturing problems. I tried a few places further away with no success. Then I went into a small local chemist and they had the items in stock. I was so relieved.
My prescriptions cover one month so by the [...]

Stag beetle

Was away at the weekend and came across this beetle, walking along the pavement. It was about the size of my palm. I think they live on rotting wood. Harmless and impressive.

Small copper butterfly

Saw quite a few small copper butterflies today. Quite a few meadow browns as well. It was a good day to get outside, sunny and not too windy.

Cucumber in flower

I’m not sure I’ve seen a cucumber growing before, so this is quite intriguing. The flower is a nice clean yellow. I had expected quite a robust plant, like a courgette, but so far it seems a little more delicate, with the flowers high up the stem.
Been out for a bike ride this evening. It [...]

Three years!

Yes, I’m still standing at three years! There have been bleak times along the way, and without doubt it was tough getting through the first six months, when the prognosis swung from one extreme to the other. There have been setbacks, but right now, these are under control. So, anyone reading this, keep going!
What works [...]