Family did some pretty neat pumpkin carving - a bat and a scary face.

Doing better…

Digestion seems to be improving. Been taking it easy. Been feeling unwell for three weeks and was starting to wonder whether my medication was being absorbed and also why the digestion problems were going on so long. Fingers crossed it was just a temporary glitch. It can be really difficult to make the judgement call [...]

Under the weather

Had an upset stomach for the last couple of weeks. Not sure if it’s a seasonal bug, there’s a lot going round work. Thought it was dragging on a bit long so going to make enquiries as to how to treat it.¬†Also had a head cold. Planning to rest completely over the weekend and try [...]

New consultant

Been to see my new consultant. All went well, think I’ll have good rapport. Had a useful discussion about curcumin. Worked out some of the practicalities of what I should do if I have concerns and how the GP fits into the picture. I wasn’t really clear on this before because everything took off at [...]