Had the flu jab

Held off from having the flu jab in autumn as I wasn’t feeling 100%, and was wondering whether it was necessary. Watching the numbers of cases rise rapidly, decided to take the plunge and have it before all the schools go back and everyone returns to work and starts mixing. When I went on the [...]

Season’s Greetings

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Christmas, especially those of you fighting cancer, or supporting someone with cancer. For those of you who have some insight into stage IV, or inflammatory breast cancer, my thoughts are with you. There are low points but also some good times along the journey. I’m so happy today that [...]

Good news - chemo line working

My chemo line/portacath is working again. Tried the line flush and it worked really easily this time. No need for a lineogram. Big relief. Can now relax over the Christmas break.

chemo line not working

Just as I thought I’d got everything nicely arranged around Christmas, my line flush didn’t work. I’ve had the portacath in for over 3 years, so it has done very well. Just really disappointing it should go wrong now when I thought I had some breathing space. Got to go for a lineogram to see [...]

It’s snowing

Tucked in indoors at the moment, sometimes venturing out to play in the snow. Schools are closed so children are out playing. Hoping I have enough supplies of food and medicine to tide me over for the meantime. Next hospital appointment is in a couple of weeks so hopefully it won’t be too bad a [...]