Daisies and catkins

Been out for a walk - first time in ages. Although the temperature is low, its not too bad if you keep moving, but a bit cutting on the more exposed paths. Now I’m home and enjoying the warm glow you get when you get back into the warm and sit down with a cup [...]

Having a “Cinderella” cancer

Cassandra Jardine has stage four cancer - adenocarcinoma originally sited in the lung and spread to pelvis and lymph glands. I found her article in The Daily Telegraph, “If only it could be this simple for the rest of us”, referring to Michael Douglas, very interesting as she raises issues about having a “cinderella” cancer [...]

consultant appt went well

Been for my 3-month check with the oncology consultant. No issues detected so delaying the scan for another 3 months. Consultant had followed up on curcumin and agreed it looked interesting, and is comfortable for me to continue with it. Generally I felt it was a constructive discussion and was pleased to be dealing with [...]

Fighting a cold

Don’t think its flu, it shouldn’t be as I’ve had the flu jab. Just a heavy cold working its way round the system. Had time off work as my throat felt so raw and head and ears feeling a bit all over the place. Chesty cough too. Been worn out but think I’m getting better.

letrozole / femara problems

Having problems getting letrozole again. I’m finding I have to ask whether the chemist has both letrozole and bondronat before I give in my prescription. Otherwise, if they can only supply one, I can’t have the prescription back to take to another chemist if they complete part of it. Also, as the prescriptions are monthly, [...]

Back to work

My arm went a bit sore with the flu jab - pink area a couple of cms across, but is better now. Flu and coughs are spreading round, with people away from work. Quite tiring getting back in to the routine. All the decorations have been taken down and need to put them in the [...]

Happy New Year - it’s 2011!

Amazed that I have made it in to 2011! Had a good new year’s eve with family - cooked dinner and then did a bit of crazy karaoke; and suddenly it was midnight. The fireworks in London looked really good. Enjoying a few days at home without having to brave the weather. It’s been a [...]