Crocus flowering

Weather has been rather rainy lately but as soon as there is a little bit of sun the crocuses have appeared. Got my bike out - the tyres had gone pretty flat. Once that was sorted I went for a short ride but it is pretty wet everywhere and the bike was covered in mud afterwards.

Outing to the zoo

Had a great day outdoors - went on a big day out to the zoo. Favourites were the giraffes, and also a baby peeping out of a wallaby’s pouch. The penguins were pretty good too.

Eye test

Been to the optician - need to get new glasses but the change hasn’t been too drastic since the last test two years ago. Going to go back with someone else to look at frames. Asked the optician what I need to look out for, given my general situation. He said seeing flashes of light, [...]

One year without treatment

About this time last year, I was having radiotherapy to my pelvis. The oncologist forecast that I would need chemo in three to six months. I remember struggling on the ice to get from the car park to the hospital, and feeling confused that this was not arthritis but cancer; up till then I had [...]