Wedding reflection

It was a beautiful day, the bride was graceful, elegant and understated. Everywhere was quiet in the morning as people stayed in to watch. In the afternoon, the flags and bunting were put up, and we enjoyed a cup of tea, sandwiches and scones with our neighbours. We toasted the couple with some bubbly, and [...]

scan coming up

Been mulling over the scan; wondering whether any aches and pains are anything sinister, wondering whether I’ll need treatment again.My scars are healing well and don’t hurt at all. The weather has been good lately, but not sure about Friday. We have the day off work and will be celebrating with our neighbours - hopefully [...]

stitches out

Finally enjoyed a bath and removed plaster which was getting very itchy. Went to the GP where the nurse removed the stitches. Small scar on collar bone, about 1cm, and longer scar on ribs, about 3cm. A bit puffy and bruised but healing well.

Nesting box

As part of clearing up the garden, I bought myself an Easter present - a nesting box. Within half an hour of it being nailed to the fence, two blue tits moved in. I am really enjoying watching them dart to and fro, trying to post huge leaves through the hole. In the evening they [...]

baby donkey

Spring has arrived. Seeing blackbirds, thrushes, blue tits and woodpeckers in the garden. There are rabbits by the roadside and in the fields.
I’ve started seeing butterflies - white ones and red admirals spinning around in pairs. The birds sing a loud dawn chorus. We were tidying up the garden and found a toad burrowed under [...]

portacath removed

My portacath has been taken out. It was done under local anaesthetic. They started from the lower end, on the ribs, and made a small cut to remove it. They found the end had become disconnected from the tube, which explains why it had stopped working. They took out what they could and then did [...]

portacath has to be removed

For a second time the line can’t be flushed. It has lasted 3 and a half years. Booked for removal next week, under local anaesthetic.