Orange tip butterfly

This butterfly really seemed to want its picture taken, posing right in front of me, when its wings are shut it has a mottled green appearance and blends in with the flowers perfectly.

Another baby donkey

So cute!

Seen new consultant

Been transferred to a new consultant. Had first meeting and reviewed current situation. He acknowledged the mental struggle with being in this position, saying that you must not let the worries of tomorrow cloud enjoying the present. I appreciated that, and that he was willing to broach this area. The main discussion was around my [...]

New breast form

My new breast form has arrived. It wasn’t too difficult to arrange; i rang up the breast care nurses at the NHS, and then they arranged for it to be delivered locally. It has taken about a month. It looks like the design has been updated a little - there is a clear area [...]

scan results ok

Seems like everything has stayed the same, compared with the previous scan. Areas of concern in groin and liver are unchanged, holes in the bones seem to be getting filled in by the bondronat. This is very good news.
No chemo needed.

Scan is done

Had my CT scan. Had to fast for 6 hours before. Then had to have sips of a special drink for an hour. Scan was of abdomen and also neck region as they put it. Before the scan they did a blood test on my finger, to make sure my kidneys were functioning ok. Not [...]

George is busy

George the blue tit is busy. I had begun to wonder whether the nest box had been abandoned as I had only seen George once in the last few days. This morning, he has been so busy. I wish I could video or photo him but I don’t want to disturb him - words will [...]