Back problems, hopefully improving

Woke up one morning last week and my back was giving me problems as soon as I tried to get out of bed. I wasn’t uncomfortable until I started to move about - getting out of an armchair was a real challenge. Driving was a little painful. I got someone at work to carry everything [...]

curcumin dilemma

I’ve been taking curcumin daily for about a year. Recently, soon after taking it, the palm and the fingertips of my left hand, and to a lesser extent my right hand, turn yellow. I’ve also noticed a yellow tint on the sole of my foot. It is temporary and does fade, but does happen [...]

heard my first cuckoo

Heard my first cuckoo today - supposed to be a sign that spring is with us. The garden is full of flowers; pollen levels are high, and hay fever sufferers are starting to feel it.