curcumin update

I got a new pack of curcumin and am no longer having problems with the yellow colour - I think it is a slightly different formulation; or maybe the powder had leaked a little? So, happily, I’m back to taking curcumin with no side effects that I am aware of.

A little sunshine

The National butterfly Count week has had to be extended because the weather was so dull. However, there was a little bit of sunshine today, and I got out on my bicycle and had to keep stopping to admire the butterflies. The season should be summer, but some plants seem to be preparing for autumn. [...]

strawberries have ripened

I haven’t grown much this year, but the strawberry plant from last year has done really well. I put it in a net this year, so the slugs and birds have been kept at bay. They have just ripened, and are a good size despite the lack of sunshine lately.

Made it to 4 years!

Against all the initial expectations, I’m still going (fairly) strong after 4 years with stage IV inflammatory breast cancer. Yes, I am a different person, and there is always that doubt in your mind that prevents complacency. Four years ago things were pretty bleak - and I could never have imagined reaching this point. So [...]