Cheating at gardening

More grey weather and rain. The garden looked bare, so I went to the garden centre and found a few things to brighten it up a bit. Also bought some crocus bulbs. I managed to get the flowers planted, but will have to wait until its dry again to put the bulbs in.

Greece has the wow factor

We’ve been for a holiday in Greece. It was my first time to Greece, and it was wonderful. a mixture of Mamma Mia, Shirley Valentine and Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. The sea was a gorgeous deep rich blue. There were butterflies in abundance.

Enjoying the outdoors

The weather has been mixed, so it,s good to get out. Summer seems muted this year, with fewer flowers and insects. I was walking down a footpath and could hear a brass band in the distance. It was an outdoor church service. It was a spiritual moment for me, hearing the music carried on the [...]