Enjoying some fresh air

It’s been pretty rainy lately, but the forecast is for better weather for October. I went out a couple of weeks ago but my legs felt really tired, I then found my heels felt sore first thing in the morning. So I’ve cut out one set of my “extra” pills - the BioCare Vitamins and [...]

consultant appt ok

Not much to report on the appointment with the oncologist. He asked me if I had any symptoms, and then did an examination of my upper half. Decided that a scan was not necessary, and next appointment is in January. The stress drops away as soon as the appointment is over. For the last couple [...]

Schools are back

It’s back to the school routine again. Spent last week trying to make sure all the uniform and sports gear was ready and stationery together. Was quite organised this summer and got school shoes quite early, having remembered how busy the shop got last year, and how the range got depleted quite rapidly. I’m having my [...]