Hospital furniture

I read a post recently from Susan (ToddlerPlanet) that really struck a chord. She found that seating was very uncomfortable for someone with bone mets. She described how she would go away afterwards and mull over the improvements can be made.
I don’t know how to suggest alterations, but I do feel a sense of disappointment [...]

My son, I am so proud of you.

Recently, my son was awarded a prize at school. Not for his academic ability; far better than that in my opinion. For his personality – his honesty, constancy and reliability.  I am so proud of him. It is not something one can say often, because it gets diluted. It is something I feel every day. [...]

Sore heel

My heels have been feeling sore over the last couple of weeks. It is worst first thing in the morning, where I can hardly bear to put weight on it. It then starts to ease off as I move around. However, once I sit down for a while it starts up again as soon as [...]