Massive improvement

Day by day things continue to mend. I am back at work, able to manage stairs, can bend down, can sleep comfortably. All this in a matter of days. It seems too good to be true. My strength is returning; my lower back area feels weak and I have been tired. Went to the onc, [...]

Still mending

Day by day things keep getting better. I am walking more evenly. I can vary the position I sleep in. My left hip is still a little tender, and a little numbness in that area. Been for a short drive and that felt fine. Main problem is that my sleeping pattern is all wrong, awake [...]

Radiotherapy done

So the five trips for radiotherapy are done. The clear tape covering the lining-up marks have been discarded. I no longer feel like a target!
The nurses were very caring and considerate. Having been before the whole experience was less frightening, though it is still upsetting waiting amongst distressed people, feeling helpless.
I was taking painkillers three [...]

Radiotherapy on spine

My luck ran out. The day after the scan I got an unexpected call from the onc. Most areas were fine but the spine was a problem. It is crumbling and pushing out towards my spinal cord. So, I’m having 5 sessions of radiotherapy. They did the planning on the same day as the first [...]