Domestic challenges

Ironing, loading the washing machine and washing up are causing problems. I have found that standing and twisting is setting off pain in my hip. The skin in the area that was irradiated has become sore, hopefully it will heal soon. I’m taking neurofen plus intermittently, even though it brings on odd pains in my [...]

change to exemestane

Aches and pains from radiotherapy are settling down. I’ve kept going to work which has helped keep my mind occupied, and made me keep active. However, on my day off I slept all morning. The oncologist has recommended a change to exemestane from letrozole, so I should get a new prescription soon. Also thinking about [...]


Even on the first day of radiotherapy, I felt improvements. I could move more freely and start to stand and put weight on my left side without a searing pain sweeping through my hip any more. Day by day, I am feeling stronger. Side-effects are minimal; a couple of times I have taken pain-killers in [...]

Keep calm, grit your teeth, and carry on

This post is not for the faint-hearted. Skip past and tell yourself it can wait for another day if you are not feeling robust.
I am in the throes of depression and confusion.
I knew I would need more treatment for a while, but that little voice of positivity kept me going, saying maybe you’re wrong, [...]