Started oral chemo

Started taking capecitabine. When the pharmacist came round with the medications in hospital, I wasn’t in great shape. I had had radiotherapy, been sick, felt drowsy, and in the middle of handing over the pills, had the denosumab injection in my stomach. The start date was fairly flexible, so I agreed n Friday. Yesterday, I [...]

Radiotherapy to spine finished

Time to kick back and chill, as they say. No more early starts for the hospital, getting up at stupid o’clock while it’s pitch black outside. Grin. Having long lie-ins. Do I need it for the pain; I’m not sure. For my mind to recover, yes. I am drowsy. As soon as I have energy [...]

Radiotherapy - over half way

What a difference a day makes. With IBC, that can be a positive or negative thing. Today it is positive. I was fortunate to be given radiotherapy so quickly, though emotionally it shook me up. I had one of those moments where I needed to ask whether it was the right thing to continue. When [...]

Radiotherapy planning

Palliative radiotherapy to thoracolumbar spine planned. Marks made for lining up, ready for next week. Had discussion with onc about the options; hopefully radiotherapy will reduce the pain, and the hope is that capecitabine will reduce pressure on spinal cord. Increasing pain relief medication.

Spine problems

The MRI scan has confirmed the spread of tumours in 3 vertebrae. The whole area is fragile, with risk of paralysis of the lower body. Surgery to support the spine is arduous and of limited value given the context. Back to radiotherapy, chemo and a few prayers that my back holds out a bit [...]

Pain - source unclear

The pain in my left side has still been on the move. Went to the GP to discuss pain relief. Started with cocodamol, 2 four times a day. This didn’t make a significant difference. Then changed to dihydrocodeine; this really helped and at last I could get some sleep. I had been getting very run [...]