Pain - source unclear

The pain in my left side has still been on the move. Went to the GP to discuss pain relief. Started with cocodamol, 2 four times a day. This didn’t make a significant difference. Then changed to dihydrocodeine; this really helped and at last I could get some sleep. I had been getting very run down with the pain and lack of sleep causing a spiral of negativity.
I have some other painkillers to help with breakthrough pain, but mostly this hasn’t been required to any great extent.
Had the denosumab injection in my stomach. Spoke to the consultant about the ongoing pain; it was felt that was unlikely to be due to radiotherapy by this time, and sent me for an x-ray. Also then had an MRI scan in the last couple of days, of spine and pelvis. Meant lying still for an hour and a quarter - fortunately the painkillers are making me a little drowsy and there are no injections involved so I dosed myself up in advance. No fasting etc required.  I had forgotten about the noise of the MRI machine -  all the beeps and hums and drilling noises. My spine was a little tender from some of the vibrations.
I have spent a lot of the last week in bed, but have got some spirit back. When I walk, there is a painful patch that seems inflexible on my left side to the left of the tummy button. There is some discomfort in my spine and left hip, but much reduced with the painkillers. When I stand in a queue, the discomfort through my back and hip grows. Waiting for the MRI results to try to get a better understanding of the cause of the pain.

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