Radiotherapy to spine finished

Time to kick back and chill, as they say. No more early starts for the hospital, getting up at stupid o’clock while it’s pitch black outside. Grin. Having long lie-ins. Do I need it for the pain; I’m not sure. For my mind to recover, yes. I am drowsy. As soon as I have energy to get up, I do; it doesn’t often happen. I slept in today and missed my morning painkiller. No disaster ensued. They said this week would be worse, but seems like the peak of pain was over the weekend. So I will look to gradually stepping down the pain relief. It will take a few days to reveal whether that is the right thing to do, so I’ll go down the ladder in very small steps. I need to decide when to start the oral chemo too, maybe the end of this week, depending on how things are progressing.
In terms of aches and pains, I’m a little tender on my spine and side, but this is much reduced. When I look down, it seems like my tummy button is positioned towards the right. Walking is easier, and when I get out of bed in the morning movement is more fluid. The use of laxatives is important - constipation seems to increase the pain levels significantly, as if a nerve is being compressed. I’ll find out more as I reduce the painkillers.

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