Started oral chemo

Started taking capecitabine. When the pharmacist came round with the medications in hospital, I wasn’t in great shape. I had had radiotherapy, been sick, felt drowsy, and in the middle of handing over the pills, had the denosumab injection in my stomach. The start date was fairly flexible, so I agreed n Friday. Yesterday, I got all the pills out and felt overwhelmed. Later that day I had another go, writing out a schedule of how many pills are needed at what time. I realised that I had a number of pills that said “as required”, and I couldn’t remember exactly what they were for, so had to call the GP.
Taken the pills today; 6 in the morning. It says to take them with water. Some were quite large so I found this really difficult. But I managed. And it has to be better than having drips etc.
Now I have to see what happens. Will I react. I have reduced my pain relief dosage considerably and feel much more alert. Movement has improvement. My main problem is at night where my mind seems to overreact to every ache and pain, so I can’t sleep, and then everything keeps feeling worse and worse. I have increased the evening painkillers to see if this works.

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