flu jab

Had my flu jab yesterday. Had booked it previously but was cancelled. Feeling a bit off, felt a bit hot and there’s a pink area round the injection site about an inch across. Hopefully this will be all that happens. Heard of a couple of people with flu-like symptoms so thought I’d better not delay any longer.
Now one week in to the second chemo cycle. Finding it much easier to get the pills down - got past the mental block. Now I can use food to get the larger pills down its not so daunting. Been able to rest more and am hoping this will help my neutrophil count, as well as the radiotherapy being further in the past.
Christmas lunch was good - the turkey cooked nicely. The family played games in the afternoon while I rested. My parents came over. Presents included jimjam bottoms, and a wrap to keep me snug downstairs. I’m grateful to have the internet for shopping - busy shops are not my thing. Local supermarkets were crazily busy leading up to Christmas.
When talking to the nurse this morning, she suggested that I get in touch with a Macmillan nurse. I’m finding it very hard to handle the news that my spine is fragile and could become serious at any moment. I cannot go for walks, cycle or swim at the moment and it is very tempting to make every day a duvet day. My positive spirit has ebbed away. Maybe I need help to put my head in the right place.

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