Spotted a cute moorhen chick!

Went for a walk alongside a river in the late afternoon. On a quiet stretch, we saw a mother moorhen with two babies. They were small, black and very fluffy and making little squeaky noises! I didn’t manage to get a photo, so here’s a link and another picture of chicks .
We were hoping to [...]

In the beginning: Finding lumps in the breast

 I’m not really sure of the starting point; I had felt grotty for a long time. I had been on Dianette, in order to counteract the effects of my hormones and menstrual cycle, and then had to stop that and was put on to Jasmine as I was having bleeding between periods. I did feel [...]

Things on my mind…

The appointment with the oncologist is getting closer, sometimes can’t sleep, other times feel exhausted and sleep in the day. Been for my portacath flush this week, which all went smoothly. Starting to have some difficult discussions at work, wondering whether my role/contract needs to be changed. Trying to keep getting outdoors every day to [...]

Bluebell wood

Went for a walk through the woods and the bluebells are starting to flower. Perhaps in a week or so they will be at their best. Did me lots of good to get out and walk and talk with my friend, feeling a bit stressy at the moment.

Medical history

My adult life has been dominated by my hormones being out of balance.
The key things that I would pick out are:
- Severe pre-menstrual symptoms (period pains, mood swings, weight swings, breast pain, a little hirsuteness)
- Pre-eclampsia
- Dislocated kneecaps – might seem like a red herring but there may be a link between the looseness of [...]

Fresh garlic in the veggie box

I have been pampered. My son made all the meals today. Breakfast was a boiled egg with wholemeal toast and blackcurrant jam, followed by quinoa cereal flakes with banana, apple slices, kiwi slices and dried berries with rice milk, and a drink of fruit juice. For dinner, he cooked chicken with courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes and roast [...]


I got a call from the oncologist’s secretary today - time to book an appointment. I have been skulking around avoiding hospitals for long enough, it seems. It feels a bit like being
summoned to the headmistress’s or headmaster’s office - not sure whether I’ve been naughty or good! I think it’s probably time for another [...]

Farm visit

The local farm was having an open day, so went for a look around. I even cycled there - how virtuous is that? The new chicks were very cute, but I didn’t manage to get a good photo. The sheep were being sheared, the hens were wandering around freely, and the fruit trees were starting [...]

Who to tell…

I went out for a meal with my parents last night; it was enjoyable but it got me thinking. I have told my father everything about my health. He is a quiet, gentle man and it left him devasted at the outset; we were always close and comfortable in each other’s company. He is the [...]

I’ve got slugs…

… on my courgettes. I picked them off the leaves but I can see I’ll have a battle on my hands. I also planted some basil a few days ago and thought it was doing really well, but that also looks like its really appetising for the local slugs as they were doing a good [...]