chemo line flush

Back to having problems with the funding for this - the insurance company is not going to continue covering this procedure so got to decide what to do. Bit of a dilemma - it hasn’t been used for chemo since 2007, just blood tests and bone strengthening injections. It was put in under general anaesthetic [...]

Having antibiotics

Some of the stitches were looking a little red, so I showed the nurses when I had my chemo line flush, and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. They also took a swab, but the wound itself was quite dry so it probably won’t show much. The antibiotics are to be taken every 6 [...]

Had another check-up - still smiling

Been back for my 3-month check with the oncologist. Had a physical examination and there was nothing to cause concern. I don’t have to go back until the new year; I am so relieved. I’m looking in to having surgery on my ovaries, rather than the zoladex approach. My reaction to zoladex doesn’t seem very [...]

Butterflies emerge!

What an incredible sight! I came down this morning to find one of the butterflies was just emerging from its pupa. The wings started off a mottled brown colour. The butterfly was still for a while and shook its wings a tiny bit now and then. It unfurled its proposcis. As it got stronger it [...]