Prescription worries solved

I’ve been having problems getting both bondronat and letrozole - the pharmacist tells me there have been manufacturing problems. I tried a few places further away with no success. Then I went into a small local chemist and they had the items in stock. I was so relieved.
My prescriptions cover one month so by the [...]

update on recovery

Finding it hard to know whether to take minor aches and pains in my hips, legs and shoulder seriously, or just shrug them off as I once would have done. Been having problems getting my prescription for bondronat, the chemist says the manufacturer has a shortage. hopefully they have found another supplier and have some [...]

bones fragile

Results of CT scan indicate damage to the pelvis, with the whole bone structure being quite delicate. Been warned not to jump and to be really careful until it has been strengthened. Booked in for 5 sessions of radiotherapy. This should help contain the damage and alongside bondronat, strengthen the area.
Taking things very gingerly. Waiting [...]


Went to hospital last week and had an xray of my hip. Looks like damage due to cancer.
Since then had a CT scan, going to have a bone scan and booked in for radiotherapy. Started on bondronat, 1 tablet a day. Already feeling positive effects - this drug is amazing. Feeling down. Got to wait [...]

Medication adjusted

Went to the GP for my 3-monthly goserelin injection. Had a chat about coming off the Prozac, and am going to step down to having it alternate days to see how it feels. Also going to take a break from bondronat tablets (these are the ones where you have to stay upright for an [...]


Chemo line flush (portacath) done - needles back in stock (unlike last week). Did the urine sample, to be sent off with blood sample; this is sent off for testing and should give an indication of whether I need to continue with bondronat. Managed to fit in a couple of swims this week, but will [...]

Grow-my-own mushrooms

Went to have my portacath line flush, but found they were out of the special needles. Going back in a week’s time, and got to do test to see whether to continue with the bondronat. This involves sending off a urine sample and a blood sample together. I was hoping they would collect the blood [...]

Been to the oncologist. I’m happy.

The waiting is over. I’ve had my appointment. Talked about the medication. To check whether to continue with bondronat, going to do a urine test, coupled with a blood test. Been having the bondronat tablets for about a year. Continuing with tamoxifen. May change the goserelin injections to be monthly rather than 3 monthly as [...]

I couldn’t swallow tablets…

Yes, I’m one of those awkward patients who couldn’t swallow tablets. I would pop the pill in, drink a glass of water and still be no closer to swallowing the pill, just didn’t have the knack. So I hid the pills inside a banana and that did the trick - I was able to gently [...]

Radiotherapy - longer term effects

Beautiful weather today - went for a walk by the sea in the sunshine. Had a chat with one of our neighbours - suddenly everyone is getting out and about. My colleagues were suffering aches and pains from too much gardening!
I have to take care to cover up against the sun. I have found [...]