Chemo - scan after 6 cycles, 2007

I was sent for a PET CT scan. This was the second time round and I was in a better frame of mind. It was a week before I got the results. I tried to control my anxiety, but it did eat away at me. I was expecting a result that showed some slight change [...]

Having chemo - epirubicin, Autumn 2007

My hormones were all over the place. I was very stressed, and the chemo was overlaid on top of this. The expectation was that I would feel rough for the first few days after having chemo and then things would pick up. What happened was that I felt fine for the first few days and then [...]

Starting chemo - Autumn 2007

Before starting chemo, I had a fitting for a wig. Then, if there were any delays getting the wig, I would have some time in hand. Also, I was seen whilst I still had hair, so the fitter could see what I looked like, and also before the chemo took its toll while I still [...]

Choosing a wig

We were given a leaflet by the nurses for a hairdresser who also specialised in wigs, especially for people with cancer. I think there may now be a service based at the hospital, but I didn’t know about it at the time. I had to book an appointment and was seen on my own.
A friend [...]

Radiotherapy - what it’s like

So, after signing the consent form and having the simulation done, then it’s the real thing. I opted for 15 sessions over three weeks; I was given the choice of a lower dose over 5 weeks but was told the two regimes would be equally effective. Each radiotherapy appointment lasted 10 minutes. In that time, [...]