Wigs, headscarves and hair

When I bought my wig, I also bought a couple of headscarves. These were cotton, with long ties. They are gathered at the back, I’ve tried to show it in the photo. I could either do a bow at the back or wrap the ties round and tie them at the front. The headscarf has [...]

Today, getting over radiotherapy

Today we re-discovered my son’s baby photos. We were cleaning out his room ready for decorating. It is a while since he saw the photos and it was really good to share memories with him. He was really interested in how small he was, what toys he had and what his bedroom looked like in [...]

In the beginning…

When my husband and I first found out the seriousness of my situation, our first thoughts were for our son – how to tell him, what to tell him, how to support him. We didn’t know where to look for help. We went to two cancer charities that offered counselling, but found they weren’t able [...]