Homemade tropical fruit juice

A wonderful range of fruit is back in the shops, but I can’t get through it quick enough though I’m tempted by the special offers. So the juicer is back in action. I tried juicing half a pineapple, 1 mango and 2 kiwi fruit. Tasted ok, worked out at about a glass full.

Drink of the week: Green tea with Echinacea

Been feeling a bit under the weather – sore throat, slight temperature and runny nose. So I’m having some Green Tea with Echinacea today, known in our household as Green Tea with an E. I thought it would be easy to find more information on the web about the benefits of Echinacea, but nothing about [...]

Drink of the week: White tea

White tea has a light flavour. I quite like it at breakfast time. From what I read, it seems to be lower in caffeine content than other types of tea, and has more antioxidants and be good for the immune system. When you make it, the water should be boiled and then allowed to cool [...]

Drink of the week: Chamomile tea

I have found this tea is more widely available when you eat out. It has quite a light flavour and is quite calming. Possible health benefits can be found in wikipedia, but most seem to be cautious saying more studies are needed. So, may be good for you, but I like the flavour anyway.