Drink of the week: mango and pear juice

Mangoes were on special offer at the supermarket this week, and I’ve been meaning to get back into juicing, so tonight was the night! I juiced a mango and 2 pears. The mango is quite thick and rich, the pears complement it nicely though I’m wondering whether three pears would have been better. This generated [...]

Out for lunch!

I was taken out for lunch today. We went to a local pub and the food was delicious with huge portions - and they were ok about me checking whether it was dairy-free. I had Chicken Supreme, and it came with new potatoes, red cabbage, peas and carrots. Really enjoyable!
I started trying to be [...]

Drink of the week: Nettle Tea

New feature! Well, I’ve been trying new foods and drinks and thought I’d share my experiences with you.
Nettle tea;
I get boxes of tea bags from Clipper Teas - either from the supermarket or from the website (appears under Infusions), depending if there’s a special offer.
I also got a tea bag bin from the Clipper [...]