Trying to grow vegetables

Last year I tried to grow vegetables, with limited success. The snails and slugs appreciated my efforts though! This year I’m trying a new approach. I saw some grow-bags on special offer, and couldn’t resist a bargain. I have set them up with a strawberry plant, some herbs, spinach, courgette and tomato. The plants are thriving [...]

Home grown strawberries

I waited for the first couple of strawberries to ripen, and then when I went to pick them they had disappeared. I suspect the birds had had them. So I put some protection round the strawberries and last night my son picked the first ones. He ate the biggest and said it tasted good.

Shiitake mushrooms started

Set up the shiitake kit. This involved piercing the polythene bag containing a soft wood block, and leaving it for 2 or 3 weeks.
Tied some of the grapevine shoots on to a support. The wheatgrass is starting to sprout.

Snail goes walkabout

Been cutting the grass and tidying up the garden. Tried to use the watering can and found this snail blocking up the spout. Growing some more sprouting seeds: wheatgrass, rocket, mustard and beet - I’ve mixed them up - have to find out whether that was a good idea or not. The instructions [...]

Aubergine plant

Not too keen on the weather today – very gusty and gloomy. The trees are dropping pollen – the lawn has turned from green to brown – and it’s making my nose and eyes itchy! Trying a bit more planting in the garden – was tempted by an aubergine plant, so put that in and [...]

Swimming after radiotherapy

Went for my first swim since radiotherapy - went early in the morning and the sun was shining and making the trees outside look really attractive. Did 40 lengths so very proud of myself, though I did then come home and have a snooze. Timing was good, as I had my portacath flush last week, [...]

Things on my mind…

The appointment with the oncologist is getting closer, sometimes can’t sleep, other times feel exhausted and sleep in the day. Been for my portacath flush this week, which all went smoothly. Starting to have some difficult discussions at work, wondering whether my role/contract needs to be changed. Trying to keep getting outdoors every day to [...]

My grapevine is showing signs of life!

The grapevine looked very unpromising, but now it is showing buds, which are growing by the day; it is pretty exciting watching the changes. The blueberry is in flower, and is quite an elegant, delicate shrub. The battle with the slugs continues, with the courgettes and basil just hanging in.
Went for a bike ride with [...]

Made a slug assault course

Quite a nice day to day, all in all.
I got a phone call from the medical insurance company saying everything had been resolved with the outstanding bills, and the hospital were no longer charging for accommodation for the chemo line flush. Sighs of relief. This has been an issue for quite a while and its [...]

I’ve got slugs…

… on my courgettes. I picked them off the leaves but I can see I’ll have a battle on my hands. I also planted some basil a few days ago and thought it was doing really well, but that also looks like its really appetising for the local slugs as they were doing a good [...]