Prescription worries solved

I’ve been having problems getting both bondronat and letrozole - the pharmacist tells me there have been manufacturing problems. I tried a few places further away with no success. Then I went into a small local chemist and they had the items in stock. I was so relieved.
My prescriptions cover one month so by the [...]

changed to letrozole from tamoxifen

Got a new prescription - stopping tamoxifen and starting letrozole. This is applicable because, having had my ovaries removed, I am regarded as post-menopausal.

radiotherapy - feeling benefits

The radiotherapy is finished and was very effective. The stiffness in my lower back has gone. I’m no longer limping and my hip feels fairly normal. I am not aware of any major aches or pains when trying to fall asleep at night. This has been a rapid improvement and hopefully the strength should continue [...]

Having antibiotics

Some of the stitches were looking a little red, so I showed the nurses when I had my chemo line flush, and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. They also took a swab, but the wound itself was quite dry so it probably won’t show much. The antibiotics are to be taken every 6 [...]

Op over

Back home again, feeling ok. A few more holes in me than I had expected - lights, camera, action as one nurse put it to me. A little tender but haven’t needed painkillers and feel able to day-to-day things like driving.
Got the shakes again when I came round from the anaesthetic, and low blood pressure [...]

Hospital bag packed

Feeling nervous; I know doing this is the right thing for me, just worried about going in to hospital, and dealing with the strangeness of it all. Bag has been packed for a few days - overnight stuff, medication, ipod and books. Last time I stayed in overnight I ran out of things to occupy [...]

Made a decision…

Decided to opt for the oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). The phrase salpingectomy is also cropping up - seems this is the removal of the Fallopian tubes. Hopefully should be done via keyhole surgery.
Had a pre-op assessment. Had blood taken, blood pressure check, nasal swab, urine test and was weighed. Also got my calves measured [...]

Considering surgery on ovaries (oophorectomy)

evening primrose

I was feeling that my response to zoladex is quite inconsistent - sometimes menstrual symtoms, sometimes menopausal symptoms and then nothing at all. I feel particularly concerned during the first week as the tumour sites in my liver and spine seem to flare up and become more uncomfortable. I am also mindful that the [...]

Monthly zoladex - reactions

The first week

Variety of minor symptoms. Vertebra where I had cancer started throbbing, and also had odd aches and pains in my liver under my ribs.

Second week

Body temperature starting to go up - starting to overheat after having a hot meal or hot drink. Skin becoming greasy, hair growth increased. Feeling a bit lethargic in [...]

Monthly zoladex started

Its been a little while since I added an entry…work commitments have stepped up a bit leaving me a bit tired. Today I had a monthly Zoladex (goserelin) injection into my stomach, rather than the 3-monthly that I’ve had before. Its slightly smaller, and the injection seemed a little easier; I still have an anaesthetic [...]