Packing for a summer holiday - ideas

I’ve been off on holiday to the sun - some things I packed worked really well…
I have to protect my arm and half of my chest area from the sun, up to my collar bone, partly because of radiotherapy, and partly because I have to protect the arm where  the lymph nodes were removed.

I took [...]

New swimsuit for summer

Decided the current swimsuit is starting to look a little tired and discolouring a little – and to be honest it has had good use over the last 18 months. Found something I liked the look of on the amoena website, and it arrived really quickly. It fits and is quite a bright design, so [...]

Bought a glamorous evening dress!

I’ve got a smart evening do coming up. I’ve been looking forward to it and I’ve known about it for ages - I’ve been really hoping to stay well so that I can go. So, things are looking good. I’ve been browsing in shops for dresses, but not daring to try anything on or buy [...]

Autumn 2008: The cancer returns, lumpectomy

I had the mastectomy in April 2008. All seemed fine initially. There was an area of skin about six inches down from my shoulder that was slightly pink. Then, as I was undressing one night, this area caught the light and I could see a small bump, smaller than a pea. It was quite [...]

Post-mastectomy: Using a breast form

This is lightweight, being made of cloth. It was comfortable to wear against the mastectomy dressing, whilst giving a bit of shape. It is worn with a normal bra. My bra tended to ride up on one side as the comfie was not as heavy as my breast, and the bra was a gentle fit [...]

Post-mastectomy: Recovery at home

I was so glad to return home. I went straight in and put my stuff into the washing machine – I wanted to be fresh and clean again. I had to avoid getting the dressing wet so took care when washing.
I went back after a week to be checked and have the dressing changed. [...]

Mastectomy: In hospital for the op

I want to emphasise that the operation was nowhere near as painful as I expected. I don’t like hospitals, and am very shy, so I’m very far from being the ideal patient, but the following day I was on a high - relieved to have the op behind me at last, and the cancer gone [...]

Mastectomy: leading up to the operation

It is now about a year since my mastectomy, so thought I’d reflect on it.
I was originally scheduled for a mastectomy at the end of 2007. For a number of reasons, it was delayed for a few months. This allowed me to get my strength back after the chemo. I went for walks and started [...]


I got a call from the oncologist’s secretary today - time to book an appointment. I have been skulking around avoiding hospitals for long enough, it seems. It feels a bit like being
summoned to the headmistress’s or headmaster’s office - not sure whether I’ve been naughty or good! I think it’s probably time for another [...]

Mastectomy Bras and Swimsuits

Whilst on the theme of clothing, thought I’d continue with underwear.
After having a mastectomy, you are first given a cloth prosthesis which just sits inside your bra. You are given an appointment for a prosthesis fitting with the breast care nurses about 6 weeks later. A friend who had been through it before advised [...]