Its the weekend!

Although it was a short week, with Monday being a bank holiday, I feel tired tonight and haven’t done much since I got home from work. Have got some pak choi in the veggie box - leaves and yellow flowers - can eat it all in salads or stir fries, I think - will have [...]

First cuckoo of spring

Went for a swim this morning. On the way in, heard my first cuckoo of the year.
In the news, Cancer Survivors not given enough diet and lifestyle advice, according to the World Cancer Research Fund. There is a page giving an outline of recommendations for diet and activity.
The site supports the general theme of eating [...]

Swimming after radiotherapy

Went for my first swim since radiotherapy - went early in the morning and the sun was shining and making the trees outside look really attractive. Did 40 lengths so very proud of myself, though I did then come home and have a snooze. Timing was good, as I had my portacath flush last week, [...]

Things on my mind…

The appointment with the oncologist is getting closer, sometimes can’t sleep, other times feel exhausted and sleep in the day. Been for my portacath flush this week, which all went smoothly. Starting to have some difficult discussions at work, wondering whether my role/contract needs to be changed. Trying to keep getting outdoors every day to [...]

My grapevine is showing signs of life!

The grapevine looked very unpromising, but now it is showing buds, which are growing by the day; it is pretty exciting watching the changes. The blueberry is in flower, and is quite an elegant, delicate shrub. The battle with the slugs continues, with the courgettes and basil just hanging in.
Went for a bike ride with [...]

Purple sprouting broccoli

Had a lot of psb in the veggie-box this week. Apparently its doing rather well at the moment, and the more its cut back, the more it sprouts again. Usually I just steam or boil it. Been looking for a few recipes to see if I can do something else with it; found Pasta [...]