Chemo line flush done

Been to have my chemo line flush done. Everything worked first time - I am very fortunate that it is continuing to function so well. They have changed the furniture round - instead of a bed there is now a chair - like you get at the dentist. I’m not so keen on this. My chemo line [...]

My wheatgrass experience

The wheatgrass sprouted and I decided it was time to harvest it. It grew as a big clump – maybe it would do better on the trays rather than the jamjar. Taste is mild, just slightly sweet. I’ve put some in the fridge to see how well it lasts.
wikipedia entry for wheatgrass states that [...]

Shiitake mushrooms started

Set up the shiitake kit. This involved piercing the polythene bag containing a soft wood block, and leaving it for 2 or 3 weeks.
Tied some of the grapevine shoots on to a support. The wheatgrass is starting to sprout.

Snail goes walkabout

Been cutting the grass and tidying up the garden. Tried to use the watering can and found this snail blocking up the spout. Growing some more sprouting seeds: wheatgrass, rocket, mustard and beet - I’ve mixed them up - have to find out whether that was a good idea or not. The instructions [...]

Green leaves in the veggie-box

Its Friday, and in the box this week we have: pak choi, broad bean tops, lettuce, spring greens, chard, potatoes, carrots, onions, wet garlic. Lots of green leaves. Managed to get out for a walk this evening. No butterflies today. Weather is very pleasant at the moment. Had my latest batch of sprouting [...]

Grow-my-own mushrooms

Went to have my portacath line flush, but found they were out of the special needles. Going back in a week’s time, and got to do test to see whether to continue with the bondronat. This involves sending off a urine sample and a blood sample together. I was hoping they would collect the blood [...]

Spouting seeds - new selection

When I was rummaging round on the internet finding out more about sprouting seeds, I found a special offer of a large number of different seeds, and a sprouter/germinator which has two tiers. Ordered them, and they have arrived. Lots of new seeds to try: radish, onion, cabbage, cress, wheatgrass, sunflowers. Currently hatching some broccoli [...]

Trying enoki mushrooms

Had a better day today - yesterday I got frustrated with myself - I just couldn’t get motivated. The sun was shining first thing, which always makes me start the day in a more positive frame of mind. I went for a swim. Then a quick bike ride - I kept thinking about it yesterday [...]

Mushrooms & benefits; shiitake mushrooms

Following up on the news article on green tea and mushrooms being beneficial , I have been looking around the web to find out a bit more, and delving in to my books. There is a Wikipedia entry on medicinal mushrooms which I found helpful.
Many mushrooms may have beneficial properties, including:
• Fresh white button mushroom [...]

Its the weekend!

Although it was a short week, with Monday being a bank holiday, I feel tired tonight and haven’t done much since I got home from work. Have got some pak choi in the veggie box - leaves and yellow flowers - can eat it all in salads or stir fries, I think - will have [...]