Nesting box

As part of clearing up the garden, I bought myself an Easter present - a nesting box. Within half an hour of it being nailed to the fence, two blue tits moved in. I am really enjoying watching them dart to and fro, trying to post huge leaves through the hole. In the evening they [...]

portacath removed

My portacath has been taken out. It was done under local anaesthetic. They started from the lower end, on the ribs, and made a small cut to remove it. They found the end had become disconnected from the tube, which explains why it had stopped working. They took out what they could and then did [...]

portacath has to be removed

For a second time the line can’t be flushed. It has lasted 3 and a half years. Booked for removal next week, under local anaesthetic.

chemo line flush

Back to having problems with the funding for this - the insurance company is not going to continue covering this procedure so got to decide what to do. Bit of a dilemma - it hasn’t been used for chemo since 2007, just blood tests and bone strengthening injections. It was put in under general anaesthetic [...]

Season’s Greetings

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Christmas, especially those of you fighting cancer, or supporting someone with cancer. For those of you who have some insight into stage IV, or inflammatory breast cancer, my thoughts are with you. There are low points but also some good times along the journey. I’m so happy today that [...]

Been to the oncologist – feeling positive

My appointment with the oncologist has been on my mind, and its a relief to have it over. My next appointment is in 3 months which means I get the summer without medical appointments except for my chemo line flush. Yay! We talked about my medication, and I was examined. I am feeling well, and [...]


Chemo line flush (portacath) done - needles back in stock (unlike last week). Did the urine sample, to be sent off with blood sample; this is sent off for testing and should give an indication of whether I need to continue with bondronat. Managed to fit in a couple of swims this week, but will [...]

Grow-my-own mushrooms

Went to have my portacath line flush, but found they were out of the special needles. Going back in a week’s time, and got to do test to see whether to continue with the bondronat. This involves sending off a urine sample and a blood sample together. I was hoping they would collect the blood [...]

Swimming after radiotherapy

Went for my first swim since radiotherapy - went early in the morning and the sun was shining and making the trees outside look really attractive. Did 40 lengths so very proud of myself, though I did then come home and have a snooze. Timing was good, as I had my portacath flush last week, [...]

Starting chemo - Autumn 2007

Before starting chemo, I had a fitting for a wig. Then, if there were any delays getting the wig, I would have some time in hand. Also, I was seen whilst I still had hair, so the fitter could see what I looked like, and also before the chemo took its toll while I still [...]