chemo line flush

Back to having problems with the funding for this - the insurance company is not going to continue covering this procedure so got to decide what to do. Bit of a dilemma - it hasn’t been used for chemo since 2007, just blood tests and bone strengthening injections. It was put in under general anaesthetic [...]

Private healthcare

I was covered by private healthcare through a work policy. When I was first diagnosed with IBC, there would have been a delay of several days before I could see an oncologist in the NHS, so we opted to use the private system. In the first few weeks, this meant making a phone call to [...]

In the beginning: Hospital referral

I got an appointment at hospital about 10 days after seeing the GP. During this time my right arm had become stiffer, and the breast more painful. Wearing a bra was uncomfortable. I started wearing tight fitting lycra vests instead. Each day I felt I was going downhill.
Initial tests
I had a mammogram. I also had [...]

Things on my mind…

The appointment with the oncologist is getting closer, sometimes can’t sleep, other times feel exhausted and sleep in the day. Been for my portacath flush this week, which all went smoothly. Starting to have some difficult discussions at work, wondering whether my role/contract needs to be changed. Trying to keep getting outdoors every day to [...]

Mastectomy: In hospital for the op

I want to emphasise that the operation was nowhere near as painful as I expected. I don’t like hospitals, and am very shy, so I’m very far from being the ideal patient, but the following day I was on a high - relieved to have the op behind me at last, and the cancer gone [...]

Made a slug assault course

Quite a nice day to day, all in all.
I got a phone call from the medical insurance company saying everything had been resolved with the outstanding bills, and the hospital were no longer charging for accommodation for the chemo line flush. Sighs of relief. This has been an issue for quite a while and its [...]

Using private health insurance

Most of the time, things work smoothly with private health arrangements, but the chemo line flush seems to keep causing problems. Every now and then I get a bill through from the hospital, saying the Insurer has refused payment. This isn’t itemised so I first have to go back to the hospital and get them [...]