Radiotherapy on spine

My luck ran out. The day after the scan I got an unexpected call from the onc. Most areas were fine but the spine was a problem. It is crumbling and pushing out towards my spinal cord. So, I’m having 5 sessions of radiotherapy. They did the planning on the same day as the first [...]

Cycling - first time this year

I canhardly believe this - in February I was limping, yesterday I was able to get out for a bike ride in the sun. The radiotherapy has really helped me get my mobility back. I have a small area where the skin is damaged, but it hasn’t been sore.
I saw 9 ducklings, two butterflies and [...]

update on recovery

Finding it hard to know whether to take minor aches and pains in my hips, legs and shoulder seriously, or just shrug them off as I once would have done. Been having problems getting my prescription for bondronat, the chemist says the manufacturer has a shortage. hopefully they have found another supplier and have some [...]

radiotherapy - feeling benefits

The radiotherapy is finished and was very effective. The stiffness in my lower back has gone. I’m no longer limping and my hip feels fairly normal. I am not aware of any major aches or pains when trying to fall asleep at night. This has been a rapid improvement and hopefully the strength should continue [...]

radiotherapy to pelvis

Had first three treatments. The stiffness I was experiencing in my back has gone, and my hip is less uncomfortable, though its still quite hard getting up from lying down. Have been sleeping in the afternoon but don’t know if that’s a reaction to the treatment or because I’m not sleeping well. Things are improving.


Went to hospital last week and had an xray of my hip. Looks like damage due to cancer.
Since then had a CT scan, going to have a bone scan and booked in for radiotherapy. Started on bondronat, 1 tablet a day. Already feeling positive effects - this drug is amazing. Feeling down. Got to wait [...]

Packing for a summer holiday - ideas

I’ve been off on holiday to the sun - some things I packed worked really well…
I have to protect my arm and half of my chest area from the sun, up to my collar bone, partly because of radiotherapy, and partly because I have to protect the arm where  the lymph nodes were removed.

I took [...]

Swimming after radiotherapy

Went for my first swim since radiotherapy - went early in the morning and the sun was shining and making the trees outside look really attractive. Did 40 lengths so very proud of myself, though I did then come home and have a snooze. Timing was good, as I had my portacath flush last week, [...]

Fresh garlic in the veggie box

I have been pampered. My son made all the meals today. Breakfast was a boiled egg with wholemeal toast and blackcurrant jam, followed by quinoa cereal flakes with banana, apple slices, kiwi slices and dried berries with rice milk, and a drink of fruit juice. For dinner, he cooked chicken with courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes and roast [...]

Playing in the garden

Planted the grapevine. Had to clear out an area where there were sticks and grass cuttings – I’ll try to take them to the dump this week. Its a shady area under some buddleia but the garden gets quite a lot of light. Fingers crossed that it does well there. I also planted out the [...]