Scan time

Been for a CT scan. Had to fast from 8am, just allowed water. At 12:30, started drinking my jug of orange squash coloured fluid. After an hour, got changed for the scan. Had a finger blood test. Then they needed to attach a needle to my hand, to add the second fluid just before the [...]

scan results ok

Seems like everything has stayed the same, compared with the previous scan. Areas of concern in groin and liver are unchanged, holes in the bones seem to be getting filled in by the bondronat. This is very good news.
No chemo needed.


Went to hospital last week and had an xray of my hip. Looks like damage due to cancer.
Since then had a CT scan, going to have a bone scan and booked in for radiotherapy. Started on bondronat, 1 tablet a day. Already feeling positive effects - this drug is amazing. Feeling down. Got to wait [...]

Groin examination and biopsy

After the lumpectomy results, I was sent for a CT scan. This indicated possible issues with my lungs and groin. I had a groin examination. This involved feeling for lumps in the groin area.
I was sent for a groin biopsy. This involved changing into a hospital gown. A local anaesthetic was injected in the groin [...]

Autumn 2008: The cancer returns, lumpectomy

I had the mastectomy in April 2008. All seemed fine initially. There was an area of skin about six inches down from my shoulder that was slightly pink. Then, as I was undressing one night, this area caught the light and I could see a small bump, smaller than a pea. It was quite [...]

Chemo - scan after 6 cycles, 2007

I was sent for a PET CT scan. This was the second time round and I was in a better frame of mind. It was a week before I got the results. I tried to control my anxiety, but it did eat away at me. I was expecting a result that showed some slight change [...]

First meeting with the oncologist

At the meeting with the oncologist, we ran through my medical history and then I had an examination. I was also asked:

when did my periods start (answer - 14)

how long had I been on the pill (answer - on and off since my twenties)

did I smoke (answer - never)

how much alcohol did I drink (answer - nothing)

At [...]

In the beginning: Hospital referral

I got an appointment at hospital about 10 days after seeing the GP. During this time my right arm had become stiffer, and the breast more painful. Wearing a bra was uncomfortable. I started wearing tight fitting lycra vests instead. Each day I felt I was going downhill.
Initial tests
I had a mammogram. I also had [...]

PET CT Scan - what it felt like

I’ve been putting off talking about this, partly because its probably not too long before I have another scan, and partly because the first time through it was a mixed experience. The second time through was fine, I was in a better state of mind.
So, what happens? I had to fast, starting from the night [...]

CT Scan

Wanted to share my experience of another type of scan. I’m encountering more newly-diagnosed people, and one of the questions they have is what are scans really like? Hope this helps.
I had a CT scan when more detailed information was needed. I had to fast beforehand. Then I had to drink a jug of purple [...]