Its the weekend!

Although it was a short week, with Monday being a bank holiday, I feel tired tonight and haven’t done much since I got home from work. Have got some pak choi in the veggie box - leaves and yellow flowers - can eat it all in salads or stir fries, I think - will have [...]

I’m sprouting…

my broccoli seeds! Little shoots are now appearing. Now I have to figure out how you tell when they are ready to eat. Its been very straightforward getting to this stage, and satisfying watching the seeds grow so fast.
I went to a Chi Kung class today for the first time. Its along similar lines to [...]

Purple sprouting broccoli

Had a lot of psb in the veggie-box this week. Apparently its doing rather well at the moment, and the more its cut back, the more it sprouts again. Usually I just steam or boil it. Been looking for a few recipes to see if I can do something else with it; found Pasta [...]

Tai chi

Felt up to re-starting tai chi - wasn’t sure about it before now because of the stretching etc. I hadn’t forgotten everything, though this is the first time I’ve been this year. Felt good to be doing it again, and could certainly feel a few muscles waking up with some of the stretching exercises. The [...]