radiotherapy - feeling benefits

The radiotherapy is finished and was very effective. The stiffness in my lower back has gone. I’m no longer limping and my hip feels fairly normal. I am not aware of any major aches or pains when trying to fall asleep at night. This has been a rapid improvement and hopefully the strength should continue [...]

Had another check-up - still smiling

Been back for my 3-month check with the oncologist. Had a physical examination and there was nothing to cause concern. I don’t have to go back until the new year; I am so relieved. I’m looking in to having surgery on my ovaries, rather than the zoladex approach. My reaction to zoladex doesn’t seem very [...]

Latest amoena magazine

The latest magazine has just come through. I do like how they use “real” women for the pictures. The main article relates to side effects experienced with tamoxifen – sad that some women have such a bad time with it, and also interesting that different brands seem to make a difference.

Medication adjusted

Went to the GP for my 3-monthly goserelin injection. Had a chat about coming off the Prozac, and am going to step down to having it alternate days to see how it feels. Also going to take a break from bondronat tablets (these are the ones where you have to stay upright for an [...]

Been to the oncologist. I’m happy.

The waiting is over. I’ve had my appointment. Talked about the medication. To check whether to continue with bondronat, going to do a urine test, coupled with a blood test. Been having the bondronat tablets for about a year. Continuing with tamoxifen. May change the goserelin injections to be monthly rather than 3 monthly as [...]

I couldn’t swallow tablets…

Yes, I’m one of those awkward patients who couldn’t swallow tablets. I would pop the pill in, drink a glass of water and still be no closer to swallowing the pill, just didn’t have the knack. So I hid the pills inside a banana and that did the trick - I was able to gently [...]

Broccoli & garlic & blueberries

Used quite a few of the veggies in a concoction known in our family as Baldrick soup (as in Blackadder). Baldrick was able to produce rather suspicious food from dubious ingredients - need I say more? So the collection of ingredients that went in included broccoli, garlic, celeriac, carrots, onions and a random selection of [...]