Starting chemo - Autumn 2007

Before starting chemo, I had a fitting for a wig. Then, if there were any delays getting the wig, I would have some time in hand. Also, I was seen whilst I still had hair, so the fitter could see what I looked like, and also before the chemo took its toll while I still [...]

Wigs, headscarves and hair

When I bought my wig, I also bought a couple of headscarves. These were cotton, with long ties. They are gathered at the back, I’ve tried to show it in the photo. I could either do a bow at the back or wrap the ties round and tie them at the front. The headscarf has [...]

Choosing a wig

We were given a leaflet by the nurses for a hairdresser who also specialised in wigs, especially for people with cancer. I think there may now be a service based at the hospital, but I didn’t know about it at the time. I had to book an appointment and was seen on my own.
A friend [...]